The big decision with bridesmaids is the colour, a lot of brides already know what colour they would like… but here are some ideas and advice if you are struggling.

Church Settings – Traditional pinks, baby blues, lavenders and emerald greens are perfect when you have a beautiful church backdrop

Beach Setting– The back drop will be full of colour which is why white stands out; you can get away with the brightest of colours here. Fuchsia, burnt orange and bright yellow, maybe avoiding blues due to the scenery.

Garden Setting – Flowers & greenery, again, bright colours will compliment your back drop, be daring and it will pay off, what about hot pink, marigold or celery!

Stately Homes / Indoor Settings – Mint, China blue, Teal, Reds and gold dribble exquisite rich colours keeping with the settings.

There are so many choices when it comes to bridesmaid styling, you need to look at who you have chosen to support you on your big day, and you may find you have all different shapes and sizes from cute toddlers to your maid of honour who will bring her new bump down the aisle with you! You do not have to put all of your girls in the same style dresses, each one needs to feel comfortable and why not showcase their best assets!! Whether it is your friend who has the most amazing pair of legs or the other one that has a cleavage to die for! Your photos sure will benefit from everyone looking and feeling their very best.

Mixing and matching colours within your bridal party is also a new and modern way to give your wedding look that little difference. Why not go for a range of gold’s & bronzes throughout the group? They will look beautiful standing next to you in that ivory gown.

Ordering Times

Once you have chosen your dresses you are looking at approximately 12-16 weeks, if you have more than one bridesmaid it is a good idea to start looking for their gowns between 7-10 months before the wedding date, as your bridesmaids may have different ideas to what they would like. Bridesmaid dresses are just as important to your big day as your gown. The colour you chose for their dresses are going to frame you on your photographs and will set the colour scheme for the entire day.

Liney’s accessories can take from two days to eight weeks to arrive this will depend on what you choose, the specially made items, handmade items and dying shoes could take up to 6-8 weeks but straight forward orders can be delivered within two days. Liney’s also having an array of accessories in stock to be taken away the same day. Accessories usually get chosen the day you choose your gown, your hair and make-up trial or on your first fitting. Choosing your accessories with your gown is extremely important so the colours and styles of accessories can be matched perfectly with your gown. Many suppliers offer a rush order at an extra cost.

Do’s & Dont’s

The internet is a fantastic place to start your search for your whole wedding day but beware of who is selling you something and what they are selling, it’s a good idea to get recommendations or buy well in advance so you have time to put it right or in most cases, go to a shop to order another in the correct size or style. This can be heart breaking so why put pressure on your wedding plans? Here at Liney’s we understand that every bride has a budget so we cater for every bride to be and her party.

So bring your girls along to Liney’s and let’s start playing Barbie with them!!

We will look forward to sharing a slice of the excitement with you.