You have to be sure that the style suits, the colour compliments your skin and you feel that you never want to take it off, personally this was the only way I knew my gown was ‘The One’ I didn’t have the pleasure in crying but some people do, I just never wanted to take it off! The dress for many, many brides is the one most important thing for your wedding day so you want the perfect service along with the perfect gown. Here at Liney’s we guarantee that special service along with that special gown.

Shapes –

Every women’s figure is individual but are usually split into different shapes as shown above.  We have provided descriptions of the shapes and recommended styles and shapes of gowns to compliment your individual figure.

Triangle Figure – Compliment your small bust and curvaceous hips by having an embroidered, beaded or a lace bodice this will accentuate your bust along with a full princess or A-line skirt which would enhance your figure. Another option is an empire line gown which would lengthen the body and again, accentuate the bust. To shape a small bust a sweetheart or curved neckline would do the trick.

Rounded Figure – Show off your full bust, curvaceous hips and waist by wearing an A-line skirt, this will take the eye to the length to even out your figure. A tremendous invention was the corset lace up back, this is a great way to nip the waist in to show your hourglass figure. Wearing capped or off the shoulder sleeves lengthens the shoulders to give a triangle shape into the nipped in waist.

Inverted Triangle – If you have a full bust and narrow hips try a princess or A-line skirt which will make the hips fuller to compliment your full bust. Having a curved or straight neckline will reduce the fullness of your bust to level out your figure.

Hourglass – Show off your curvaceous hips, full bust and small waist by wearing a simple or full fish tale gown which will compliment your curves. Also consider a princess skirt that should also show your figure off and a straight or curved neckline will accentuate the bust.

Rectangle – Compliment your straight figure by having an embroidered, beaded or a lace bodice, this will accentuate your bust along with a princess or A-line skirt, this will make your hips fuller to compliment your bust. Try a corset lace back which will nip the waist in to show the hourglass figure and shape your small bust with a sweetheart or curved neckline.

The shape of your body usually decides on the shape of your gown, you want to have ‘The One’ but how do you know what style will suit? Going into a Bridal shop for the first time is quite daunting as there is usually rows of ivory/white gowns and you don’t know where to start. A Liney’s bridal consultant will know what shape of gown will match your figure, explain the different materials and advise you on which gowns you want to try on. Every bride is individual and your gown usually reflects your personality. Your wedding day is perfect to show and share your dreams with your loved ones.

Colours –

Traditionally the bride is in pure white but this is the 21st century girls, we want you to look the belle of the ball and feel like a princess, you are the bride after all!

The traditional white gown has now been replaced by many colours such as, Ivory, Diamond White, Gold, Pink, Red and even Black, you have a lot of choice but what do you choose? What is the best colour for your skin? What will the scenery behind you be? And most importantly, what do you want?

At Liney’s we thrive on helping our brides, our consultants are enthusiastic about your wedding day and want to help, starting with the colour of your gown and bridesmaids. Brides usually have an idea of their colour scheme, as you may have been planning your big day for many years, we can help you with your thoughts and putting them into reality. Book yourself into a consultation to have a little help.

Time –

Many Brides decide to start looking for ideas for their gown around 12-18 months before the wedding day, this is a great way to take your time and not be rushed into buying a gown. If you do not have this amount of time don’t worry, we have rush cut options available with our designers, please ask for further information if your wedding day is less than 6 months away. Standard delivery times are 16-20 weeks. Once the gown arrives with us you will be notified to book your first fitting appointment. We plan a 6-8 week period before your wedding date for these alterations to take place if required. As Liney’s offer such a personal service you can decide if the fitting timing is right for you as it can be adapted to suit your needs.

Liney’s have a range of gowns that can be ordered in within a 6-10 week period, these are still our designer dresses as with these collections the supplier holds stock of most of these gowns.

Liney’s also hold gowns that can be sold from stock so you could have your gown there and then, these can include brand new gowns and ex-display gowns, further details can be found in our Sales Lounge department. Gowns with huge discounts to suit your budget and time scale.

Bridesmaids work on a similar time scale to the bridal gowns which is 12-16 weeks, if you have more than one bridesmaid it is a good idea to start looking for their gowns between 7-10 months before the wedding date as your bridesmaids may have different ideas to what they would like. Bridesmaid dresses are just as important to your big day as your gown. The colour you choose for their gowns are going to frame you on your photographs and set the colour scheme for the entire day.

Liney’s accessories can take from 10 days to eight weeks to arrive this will depend on what you choose, the specially made items, hand made items could take up to 6-8 weeks but straight forward orders can be delivered within 10-14 days. Liney’s also have an array of accessories in stock to be taken away the same day. Accessories usually get chosen the day you choose your gown, your hair and make-up trial or on your first fitting. Choosing your accessories with your gown is extremely important so the colours and styles of accessories can be matched perfectly with your gown. Many suppliers offer a rush order at an extra cost.

Do’s & Dont’s

The internet is a fantastic place to start your search for your whole wedding day but beware of who is selling you something and what they are selling, its a good idea to get recommendations or buy well in advance so you have time to put it right or in most cases, go to a shop to order another in the correct size or style. This can be heart breaking so why put pressure on your wedding plans? Here at Liney’s we understand that every bride has a budget so we cater for every bride to be.

Don’t be pressured into buying a gown, it is one of the most important and expensive purchases you may make towards your wedding day. Your photographs will last your life time and by your 30th Anniversary when fashions have changed, you surely should look back and say ‘I loved my dress.’ Liney’s Brides is a family run business, who thrive on customer satisfaction and have a passion for weddings, so your memories of your perfect day is an honor to be involved with.

Too many people involved in your gown purchase is a difficult and confusing situation, each guest will have their own style and opinion, which is not good when you know it’s ‘The One’ The mother of the bride, a sister or your best girl friend, normally knows you best and the most important thing is this person has your best interest at heart and is honest. But, keep in mind the look you want and what YOU want, your mom may see a different you to your best friend so this is your chance to ensure your personality shines. You can have the princess look with a splash of glamour or classy and modern, it’s your choice. Liney’s consultants are the best as an outsider view and are experts to what suits your shape. We feel very strongly about being honest to our customers as we want the best for each individual. Honesty is our policy! I would recommend a maximum of two guests when choosing your gown, once the gown has been chosen if you decide to show other family members, friends, bridesmaids we can set an additional appointment along with another glass of champagne to celebrate your purchase.

We will look forward to sharing a slice of the excitement with you.