Private Dressing rooms

Our specially designed large private dressing rooms are located down stairs of croft house,  our dressing rooms are allocated to our bride to be’s to have plenty of space to try on all those gowns and find ‘The one’ in a nice, relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere. Each dressing room have seating areas for you to bring your special guests to share this part of your wedding with you . We feel it is as important to make your special guests just as comfy as you which is why the kettle is always hot and the seats are comfy. Booking an appointment is essential to guarantee one of our private dressing rooms. Which will you book, our Marilyn or Audrey Dressing room?


Private Fitting room

Our large private fitting room is located upstairs towards the rear of Croft house. This room is designed and equipped with everything you need for your first, second or third fitting on your wedding gown or your bridesmaids gowns. This spacious room allows you and your gown to shine. Our specialist bridal fitters have enough room to work on your gown whilst you enjoy the excitement of being in your ‘actual’ gown. Our seating area is designed outside of this room to allow the excitement of your guests to build whilst you are getting dressed into your gown. We then reveal you to your guests, which is extra special, especially if they are seeing you in your gown for the first time.